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Apple Iphone 4S Siri video demo

Appleā€™s latest Iphone was launched this week.What do you like most about the Iphone 4S?

ONE THING that separates the Iphone 4S and the Iphone 4 is Siri, the voice controlled personal assistant, so here we take a look and see what it can and cannot do.

Siri comes with IOS 5, but if you’re upgrading from an Iphone 4 or older handset then Siri won’t be included. You can ask the talking software questions or tell it to carry out tasks on your Iphone 4S.

The software is very accurate most of the time, but as you’ll see in the video it isn’t quite perfect. It can do a lot of helpful things if you don’t mind talking to your Iphone. The biggest drawback and disappointment at the moment is the lack of location based services here in the UK.