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Review: Free software runs Android apps from within Windows

BlueStacks announced that a free alpha version of its software allowing Windows 7 users to run Android apps is now downloadable — so naturally, we had to give it a try. The initial BlueStacks App Player comes with ten apps and allows an additional 26 to be installed, while a related Cloud Connect service allows pushing apps from a user’s phone to his or her desktop PC, the company says.

The BlueStacks App Player was first announced back in May — see later in this story for more background — and later promised for release with ViewSonic’s ViewPad 10Pro tablet. It gives users “one-click access to their favorite Android apps right on their Windows 7 PCs, via a gadget that may be clicked on to view a list of installed software (below).

The BlueStacks App Player
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Java Gamers Portal

Download gratis java game dan aplikasi java di JavaGamers portal.

Semuanya gratis ga pake bayar untuk semua jenis hp china dan branded : Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Beyond, K-touch dsb nya.

go to www.Javagamers.com

Game Java Fullscreen untuk CSL Blueberry 9250 dan 8250

Long time no see hehehe..lagi agak sibuk dengan dunia nyata nih hahaha.. sekarang baru sempet posting lg deh.

Langsung aja nih, punya game fullscreen, pas untuk ukura display 320 x 240 pixel nya CSL Blueberry 8250 dan 9250.

Download file JAR nya ke komputer, lalu copy kan ke memory card ponsel , kemudian install dari menu file manager .

Auto bahn

Download file java game : 3d_autobahn_raser.jar


Download file jar game java : 1942.jar

Victim of December 22 Blackberry Outage? Get a free Blackberry Curve

A strange thing happened on December 22 2009, thousands of blackberry users simultaneously had trouble accessing the internet and e-mail aspect of the blackberry internet service. So many users had trouble accessing the service, sparking outrage on Twitter. Many users reported just spurts or trickles if any e-mail at all. This phenomenon occured all throughout the United States. In response, you can now get a free blackberry curve, all you have to do is enter your e-mail.This problem first surfaced through the social media blog, Mashable. When I first logged onto the internet today, Mashable said this:

“It’s not just you: BlackBerry users are reporting an outage today that’s causing issues accessing email. It would appear the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service) is unresponsive, as BlackBerry users on the Mashable team are unable to reach email.

However, the outage is seemingly sporadic: on Twitter, many users report bursts of email coming through.”Since this initial report many thousands of users have had trouble accessing the internet or e-mail. The blackberry’s internet service is appropriately called the Blackberry internet service or BIS. This blackberry outage december 22 seems to be a nationwide phenomenon. If you are a blackberry user, or even if you’re not, get a free blackberry curve just by entering your e-mail.This is the first time in a long time that a major national cellular network has had so much trouble with it’s internet service. This could have to do with repair work or updates being made, but we are not completely sure. Will report back as more news comes in.

Sim Free Blackberry Mobile Phones: Great devices with high speed performance

The freedom is always yours with the SIM free mobile phones, as you can switch to any of the network operators whenever thought so. Further, it is immensely helpful when going out of station, it is helpful because it lets the users avoid the heavy roaming charges. It can happen so that when the users go outside the home location and carry the SIM free phones with them they can simply insert the local SIM of the visited destination to the phone and thus avoid being in roaming. So are the benefits of these devices. The availability of many players in the mobile phone production, the competition is bound to surface rapidly. In such a scenario, when the manufacturers are coming with new handsets every other day, SIM free BlackBerry mobile phones have succeeded well in finding their own places. The gadgets from this well known brand has catered well to the business class of the users. It has proved its niche in this customer segment with the a number of the high end and advanced gadgets. Some of the latest sensations from this brand are Bold 9700, Storm2 9520, Curve 8520, Storm2 9550 etc.

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 has proved to be quite a dominant gadget from range of SIM free BalckBerry mobile phones. It comes embellished with a beautifully designed black casing. Occupying the dimensions of 112.5 x 62.2 x 14 mm it has a 3.25 inches TFT capacitive touchscreen. This touch screen is immensely sensitive to every finger touch and as a result it responds very quickly. Backed with the powerful memory supports of 2G internal and the external expandable memory, it promises a faster performance. This 3G device is WiFi enabled which means that the users set up wire less connection too. On the multimedia aspects, the device is incorporated with a 3.15 mega pixels digital camera. This high definition and capable camera is there to let the users click simply wonder snaps.

The other device from the range of latest SIM free BlackBerry mobile phones is Storm2 9520. It comes equipped with a 3.25 Continue reading…