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The Blackberry Storm 9500 – the Most Innovative Email Mobile Phone Ever Made?

It’s now available to buy, so let’s take a look at the fabulous new Blackberry Storm, and ask the question: is it really the best email-centric mobile phone ever made?

Fruit-based fact-file – the history of Blackberry mobile phones

Blackberry mobile phones have been available for many years, now, and right from the very start of their of their existence, they’ve been known for one feature above all others: email. The name Blackberry has become synonymous for instant email, wherever you are, right from the early days of their little, monochrome-screened devices that weren’t actually very good as mobile phones, and weren’t actually that appealing. However, since then, it’s fair to say that Blackberrys have taken off in a big, big way. It’s also fair to say they’ve evolved from pure email devices into proper, full-blooded smartphones. Their portfolio’s now filled with top-end mobile phones like the Blackberry Bold, the Blackberry Pearl…

…and the phone we’re here to look at today: the most advanced Blackberry ever made, the stunning Blackberry Storm.

Blackberry Storm – a touch of genius

There’s one glaringly obvious thing about the Blackberry Storm, and that’s the complete lack of a physical keyboard. That should give the game away, that the Blackberry Storm has a touchscreen; in fact, it’s the first of the wealth of mobile phones to come from Blackberry to ever have a touchscreen. Ah, but, it doesn’t just stop at the touchscreen, because it’s a special one. You see, the Blackberry Storm has a screen that can be pressed down into the body of the mobile phone, with a satisfying clicky action. In essence, it’s designed to feel like you’re pressing a real, physical button, and believe me, when you’re typing out an email using the virtual keyboard on the Blackberry Storm, that kind of physical motion and click is absolutely invaluable. No other touchscreen mobile phones can touch (pun ever so slightly intended) the Blackberry Storm, when it comes to tactile feedback.

The Perfect Storm?

The question, though, is whether the Blackberry Storm is the perfect email device, and whether it can be the perfect smartphone. It certainly has a massive list of features, beginning with the touchscreen, and taking in such varied things as a 3 megapixel camera, and superb video playback, meaning you have your very own pocket entertainment system, with the Blackberry Storm. And, of course, with HSDPA internet access and WiFi, as well as a massive screen, the Blackberry Storm (or Blackberry Storm 9500, to give it its full name) really is one of the better internet mobile phones out there. So for email and internet access, as well as for entertainment, it really is brilliant. But… there are a couple of flaws, and things to consider. First, the software interface on the Blackberry Storm has some, well, let’s call them idiosyncrasies, and it can be a bit finicky at times. Also, your may find it disconcerting have a screen that moves. It’s a brilliant, brilliant feature, and it will benefit you no end, but the first time you feel it moving and wiggling, the screen on the Blackberry Storm IS going to freak you out. If you can get past its relatively minor flaws, though, you’ll that the Blackberry Storm is one heck of a good mobile phones, and one that I really can’t recommend enough!

Mobile Phones Will Never be the Same Again – the Blackberry Storm 9500 is Here!

It’s been causing a stir before it even got released, but soon, you’ll be able to get your hands on one of the most eagerly awaited mobile phones ever: the stunning, powerful and achingly cool Blackberry Storm 9500…

Fruit-based communications – the history of Blackberry mobile phones

When you look round the world of mobile phones, most phones seem to have one thing, one key point that sticks in your mind. The Apple iPhone’s known for its flashy interface. Sony Ericsson are known for Cyber-Shot and Walkman mobile phones… and Blackberry mobile phones are known for email. It won’t surprise you to learn that the first Blackberry mobile phones (well, let’s call them ‘devices’, for now) were focused heavily on instant email, wherever you were. That was their party trick, and it was so powerful a tool that Blackberry mobile phones became the standard for business phones. Rarely would you see a businessman using anything but a Blackberry mobile phone! But then, something happened, and they went all commercial. They weren’t content with being just business mobile phones any more, Blackberry devices wanted to finally live up to the name ‘mobile phone’ and crack the non-corporate sector, too. Their first assaults, the Blackberry Pearl, and Blackberry Curve, are still going strong today, and loads of people have joined the Cult Of Blackberry (and even more will do because of the Blackberry Bold).

But there’s one mobile phone that’s destined to be the star of the show for Blackberry this year, and with very good reason. It’s their first ever touchscreen mobile phone, it’s got innovation pouring out of every orifice, and it’s one of the sexiest and most powerful mobile phones of the year.

Yep, it can only be the Blackberry Storm 9500…

Blackberry Storm 9500 – more than just a storm in a teacup…

The Blackberry Storm 9500 is a first in more ways than one. Not only is it the first touchscreen mobile phone ever made by them, but the Blackberry Storm 9500 is the first phone ever to have a clickable, moving screen. I’ll say that again. The screen on the Blackberry Storm 9500 moves. And why is that? Well, because it makes the action of selecting something on screen, pressing down on it, feel like you’re pressing a physical button, giving you FAR more tactile feedback than any other mobile phones can manage. So good is this concept, that when using the virtual keyboard on the Blackberry Storm 9500 feels almost identical to using a real, physical keyboard! No other mobile phones in the world can claim that.

In terms of features, you a 3 megapixel camera (which isn’t as good as some other mobile phones on the market, but does still produce some really nice photos), HSDPA internet access and GPS, as well as a brilliant music and video player. Oh, and incidentally, given that the screen is also huge, videos played on the Blackberry Storm 9500 look fantastic.

Come on, how good is the Blackberry Storm 9500, really?

Ok, so it’s full of cool features, it’s got a unique clicky screen, but when you get right down to it, is the Blackberry Storm 9500 (or just the Blackberry Storm, if you can’t be bothered to keep using its full name) really that good? Well, yes, it is, quite frankly. Sure, you can list the features till the cows come home, but the true mark of quality in mobile phones is how a particular device makes you feel, and, well, the Blackberry Storm 9500 will make you feel brilliant. From clicking down on that screen (which just rocks), to watching videos, to the full Blackberry email service (which, yes, you do get), the Blackberry Storm 9500 is just phenomenal. So, to the answer the question… is the Blackberry Storm 9500 any good? No. It’s even better!