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Information about Blackberry Application Development

Today Blackberry is very popular as business phone. Even when you see Advertisement of Vodafone then you find that Blackberry also use full for simple man. Generally, Blackberry is one of the famous Smartphone today for business professional. There are many creative features are available in blackberry, which is related to any business like address book, calendar and to-do list capabilities and also email accessing. When blackberry is launched its primary function is just for send and receive internet email through internet and wifi networks While today blackberry also useful for as entertainer like playing music see video ect.. Research In Motion (RIM) is introduced Blackberry in 1996. Today RIM is the leading designer and manufacturers of the mobile communication market.

Blackberry Application Development Today more new Smartphones comes in the market with creative feature and application. But its not necessary then all phone comes with your desired application as per your requirement. RIM introduces and launched many tools and frameworks or methods for creating new application on your Blackberry phone. The blackberry mobile os supported to Java MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2 For blackberry application development some tools and frameworks required or installed in your computer like

J2ME is the best option for black berry application development. Java developers can easily develop blackberry applications using J2ME sdk. RIM launched its own Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE) for blackberry application development, which contains set of tools, and API for run java application on your Blackberry. Eclipse is the widely popular for develop, debug, profile, and test your browser-based blackberry applications. You can use the blackberry simulator for test your java application on your Blackberry.

Today on internet many simulators available for testing Blackberry applications. However, remember this simulator is different for each blackberry versions. RIM had launched BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulator Package especially for the developers. To install simulator you pc must have Microsoft Vista or Window XP, Intel Pentium 3 or its higher processor, minimum 256 mb RAM 500 MB hard disk etc. If you have good grip or sound knowledge of java then you can easily create any Blackberry application using above tools and frameworks