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Sony Ericsson and the Mobile Internet – Which Mobile Phones Give You the Best Internet Experience?

In 2008, the internet is becoming a massive feature on more and more mobile phones. Sony Ericsson have traditionally been one of the foremost manufacturers to make to mobile phones that let users get online. But what are their plans for the rest of 2008?

Browsing history – the development of Sony Ericsson internet-enabled mobile phones

It really began, way back in 2003, with the Sony Ericsson P800, one of the first wave of what we might call ‘modern smart mobile phones’. It was, essentially, the first Sony Ericsson mobile phone that gave you full internet access. Ok, it wasn’t fast, as it only used a GSM signal, and it didn’t really have content that was particularly rich, since it lacked Flash, javascript, frames and so on, but there was no denying that it was definitely one of the first mobile phones that gave its owner the means to get themselves online, whenever and wherever they were. I know. I had the Sony Ericsson P800. And I used it almost exclusively for sneakily looking up the answers to pub quizzes I was taking part in at the time. It certainly beat texting your mates.

However, that was just the beginning. As Sony Ericsson mobile phones evolved over the years, more and more of them let the user get online. More and more of them moved away from WAP (which is a GOOD thing), and towards FULL internet access. GSM mobile phones gave way to 3G mobile phones, and the internet got quicker. Then 3G gave way to HSDPA, and Sony Ericsson mobile phones gained the ability to get online at broadband speeds. And that’s where we stand now, with HSDPA giving everyone access to broadband-fast mobile internet. Let’s take a look at a couple of mobile phones that use it, and see how Sony Ericsson are capitalising on their internet success in 2008. Continue reading…