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Recycle Your Blackberry For Many Benefits


Why should we recycle our old Blackberry? Who benefits when we recycle our old Blackberry, and if the Blackberry is broken or not working why Recycle it, and not just throw it to the trash? The first answer to these questions is that you can benefit by turning your trash to cash, but there are many other benefits of Recycling an old, used or broken Blackberry that many of us may not yet have considered. The impact on the electronic industry, the impact on the environment and our community, the impact on the world that lays ahead for our children and grand children – all this can be improved by simply sending your Blackberry to be recycled, and you can benefit with cash.

So, the first benefit of sending your Blackberry to a recycle center – choosing the right place, especially an online site, so from the comfort of your own home you can receive a cash payment for the recycle, or trade of your old, used or even broken Blackberry – in this economic situation this is really an important factor that more of us need to take heed of and remember not everything is trash, many things can be turned into cash through recycling.

The next benefit of a recycled Blackberry is the impact on the environment, this benefit alone has an endless list of beneficiaries when you recycle the Blackberry it will lower the rising e-waste issue. You may think that just your one Blackberry being recycled won´t help the environment, but if you and everybody else that reads this were to recycle their Blackberry it would soon mount up to a small mountain of electronic devices that won´t be trashed into a landfill somewhere. So recycle your Blackberry, help your community, yourself, your children and grand children by creating a better living environment for us all – and it is such as simple process.

Getting paid to recycle your blackberry from the comfort of your own home couldn´t be easier than logging onto a site, and having them pay the insurance and shipping to get the Blackberry to them, and you can even rest assured that all your personal data will be deleted immediately upon arrival at their warehouse. It may sound too good to be true – but it is a reality, and a reality that not enough of us our aware of or using. Recycle your Blackberry and start a chain of benefits, commencing with your wallet.

Just visit www.cashforberrys.com and start the process, and have your cash in your hand in days, and know that you have helped the community, the environment and all the other beneficiaries we have mentioned above – what a delightful feeling and a great way to benefit many.


Blackberry Bold Review – the First in Many Categories

RIM recently announced the unveiling of a new Smartphone they have dubbed the Blackberry Bold. The Blackberry Bold includes many new features that RIM has never included on any of the current or previous Blackberry phones. The major “first” is that the Blackberry Bold is the first model to include 3G HDSPA technology. The resolution on the screen is also higher than on previous Blackberry models and with the addition of support while the user works with Microsoft office files, working with the Blackberry Bold will make it substantially easier than it was with any of the earlier Blackberry models. The screen size on the Blackberry Bold measures around 480 x 320, which makes it large enough for a user to comfortably view mobile video and long emails. This larger display area means the Blackberry Bold has to be larger than previous Blackberry phones, but in spite of the size increase, it is still lightweight with a keyboard that is easy to operate. Another first for this model is the inclusion of Blackberry 4.6, the newest version of the Blackberry operating system. It has a 624 MHz processor and in addition to being the first Blackberry with 3G HSDPA high speed networking, it also has GPS and Wi-Fi.Prior to the introduction of the Blackberry Bold, working with Microsoft Office files was rather obsolete, but new technology by RIM includes the DataViz Documents to Go. It is a more stable program that is considered a premium program among Mobile Office suite software. Documents to Go allows you to view documents and presentations almost the same as you would be able to view them on a desktop PC.  This is a definite advantage for those who do a great deal of traveling and rely on their Blackberry for communications with their office and clients. Remember, however, that you may only be able to view Microsoft documents but not edit them. Since the Blackberry Bold is not yet available in all global markets, you may need to search a little bit to find a Blackberry Bold review that will allow you enough information to make a decision about upgrading to this Blackberry model. The features are designed with both the business and personal traveler in mind, so you don’t have to worry about any loss of features with the Blackberry Bold. As the Blackberry Bold becomes more globally available, you will see a variety of mobile phone deals that will help ease the burden of purchasing the Blackberry Bold. It is certainly the wave of the future in Smartphones and the newest one from RIM. This first 3G phone from RIM provides many features that one would expect from a Blackberry that have not been previously available, and the fact that it includes so many first time features shows that RIM is looking toward a new generation of Smartphones. Read a Blackberry Bold review and you will understand why this model is destined to become more popular than any other model RIM has released.