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Mitral valve surgery

Heart disease become #1 people killer in the world. Heart disease is have many variety for example heart attack and batista. But we can’t forget one important things in the heart, which is mitral valve.
Mitral valve function is to confine between left and right ventricle. The purpose is to make the blood which flowing from lung to heart is directly pumped to a whole body.
But there is some condition when that valve is in problem, which make blood from heart is return to the lung again. It’s serious problem which can cause death, because whole body is need blood.
To solve this problem, mitral valve replacement must be done immediately with surgery process.

A place which provide mitral valve surgery for example is University of Maryland Medical Center. As they said in their site, that they provide mitral valve repair. The method is by removing the diseased valve and implanting an artificial valve (valve replacement).
Hopefully, by doing surgery, your life can be safed.

Beside mitral valve surgery, in University of Maryland Medical Center you also can find information about disease/problem which related to cancer, drug, and many more.