I’m, your secret admirer

Oh, secret admirerWhen you’re around the autumn feels like summerHow come you’re always messing up the weather?Just like you do to me….{nl}My silly admirerHow come you never send me bouquet of flowers?It’s whole lot better than disturbing my slumberIf you keep knocking at my door{nl}Last night in my sleepI dreamt of you riding on my counting sheepOh how you’re always bouncingOh you look so annoying.{nl}Dear handsome admirerI always think that you’re a very nice fellowBut suddenly you make me feel so mellowEvery time you say hello{nl}And every time you look at meI wish you vanish and disappear into the airHow come you keep on smiling?Oh! You look so annoying. {nl}My secret admirerI never thought my heart could be so yearningPlease tell me now why you try to ignore me’Cause I do miss you so {nl}In a few times ago , yes..I’m your secret admirer. Till I’ve told you everything that I’ve felt before. And now…I’m not your secret admirer again..I don’t know how long I can admiring you…we’ll see tomorrow.

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