Mobile Internet How It’s Progressing

Ever since the Nokia 8000 communicator came out in the late 1990s, the lines between the mobile phone and the internet enabled PDA have become increasingly blurred, and now with WAP, GPRS and 3G all offering users internet access through their mobile phone, the web is increasingly being opened up to more avenues, and becoming a much more important aspect of what is possible with a mobile phone.

Mobile Internet has grown enormously around the world, and in many countries, more people access the web through their phone than they do by using a computer, and this is due to the comparatively low cost of doing so. You do not need any specialist or expensive equipment, and simply access the Internet through your existing connection.

Although in the past, many operators charged high rates for web and data calls, prices are now much lower, and operators such as T-Mobile now include Web and Walk as a standard part of most of their packages.

Thanks to the larger screens on today’s mobile phones, the lines between what is possible to access, and what is not is increasingly beginning to blur, and you can now visit almost any website on the latest handsets. With standards available about how information should be displayed in order to be accessible on a mobile phone as well as on a computer, you can now see the images and layouts of the site, rather than just text.

One of the best things about the mobile internet is that it is possible for services to be tailored to the user on a local level, meaning that you can access high quality information about the area where you are standing, so for finding restaurants and cinema times, the mobile internet is ideal.

Another great thing about the latest generation of handsets like the Nokia N95 is that by use of integrated GPS, you can access mapping information and find your way. With 3G handsets from the Three Network, you can now access many regular services through your phone including being able to bid on eBay, access your email account, and even make calls using VOIP!

Thanks to larger screens, and an increasing willingness for webmasters to make their content available in a wide range of formats so it can be accessed by Mobile Phone users, the mobile internet has never been better, or the world of information available online been so accessible.

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