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Nowadays, some people more easily get stress.There always a thing that makes stress.Employee with their office problem, student with their class and many more.One is important they need is stress management.So they have to know about problems around that easily makes stress.

Not just  usual people, many artists have more stress problems.It’s known from their confession about eating disorder treatment.

Diana, Princess of Wales – The world-wide spotlight led her into a battle with bulimia and self-abuse that lasted for many years. She spoke openly about the problem in the years before her accidental death in a car accident.

Jane Fonda, Actor/Activist – The fitness queen of the 1980’s and legendary actress admitted in her autobiography that she had been a secretive bulimic since the age of 12.

Mary-Kate Olsen, Actress – One half of the famous Olsen twins checked herself into rehab for anorexia and went on to a full recovery. Gave away her “skinny” clothes to raise money for charity and has since maintained a more normal weight.

And then to  heal up, sometimes we eat some drugs to helped out from that problems. But now available alternative medicine that helped out from action chemical of medicine. Yes, holistic health at SFSU will help you to open mind with alternatives healing.

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