Something to Remember

{nl}Today , I’ll try to remember all of my friends along I have studied at SMK 2 Yogyakarta Special for my friends ELEKTRONIKA-2 2001 : SetuSonten Gank : 1.Ahmad Juwarno : still in Yogya ? or has gone ? still “Kejawen” ?2.Mistar Widiatmoko : First boy that call me “Yoyok” hehehe… 3.Kunto Aji W. : Lets Road Racing with me …. ;p4.Citro Artiadi : Little but Deadly,wahahah…still contacting now5.Sondy Herwianto : The best Guitarist and Painter on class now at Krakatau Steel Co.6.Tunggul Bagus D. : Boys are called “Kenthunx” now working at Krakatau Steel too7.Endro Walmujendro : Mr.Bean from Lempuyangan hehehe…Humorist ones8.Sigit Hermawan : Home of ‘XxX’ hehehe….9.and Me YUNAN the Cutest ones..halah*This Gank always stick together at saturday night , that’s why named SetuSonten Two Girls only in class : Tatik and Dhita , How are you Galz ?? and people of E-2 :Adian Mursalim,Agus Solechan,Aman Subanjar,Andi Kristianto(my big enemy),Bimbim,Dani Surahman,Deny Septiono(Police now :D),Hadiman(*slenge’an* but good in mathematics), Irnawan,Joko Utomo(twin brothers),Joko Setiawan,Moh”Qirun”Harun,Moh.Zahron,Nanang Risna Hadi Kusnanto(longest name),Pardi(shortest name in class),Santoso(*gaguk* boys)Solikhan,Teguh Yulianto,Wahyu*srandakan* and last Wijayanto brain still working correctly,I can remember all of my class friends.If one of all read this post , “Jape Methe Dab and Piss forevah”

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