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Android menguasai pasar smartphone dunia


Android kini memimpin pangsa pasar sistem operasi ponsel pintar dunia mengalahkan sistem operasi lainnya, baik Apple iOS, Symbian, dan Blackberry OS yang justru malah anjlok.

Lembaga riset Gartner merilis pangsa pasar Android naik menjadi 52 persen di kuartal III-2011 dari 25,3 persen di kuartal III-2010. Jika dikaitkan dengan penjualan smartphone dunia, ini berarti hampir mengalahkan penjualan ponsel pintar dunia yang sudah melebihi 60 juta unit.

Posisi kedua diambil Symbian yang malah anjlok dari 20 persen di tahun lalu menjadi hanya 16,9 persen di tahun ini. Sistem operasi tersebut memang sudah diramalkan bakal anjlok peminatnya sejak tahun lalu. Apple iOS juga mengalami penurunan pangsa pasar menjadi hanya 15 persen, setara dengan penjualan 17 juta unit ponsel pintarnya. Padahal tahun lalu, Apple iOS masih menggenggam 16,6 persen pangsa pasar.

“Penurunan pangsa pasar Apple iOS tersebut disebabkan karena konsumen banyak menanti kedatangan iPhone 4S,” ujar Roberta Cozza, analis riset Gartner seperti dikutip Techradar, Rabu (16/11/2011). Continue reading…

Blackberry Bold Review – Making the Right Choice in a Smartphone

Whether you are looking to a smartphone for business or personal use, it’s important to make certain you choose a phone that has all of the features you need and built in reliability. If you have never owned a smartphone, you may want to read some reviews before you make a choice to buy a Blackberry. For those who are new to smartphones, it’s best to go with the leader in the industry, and Blackberry was the sole provider of smartphones for many years, long before anyone other than businesses felt the need for them. Blackberry Bold is RIM’s newest addition to the Blackberry family and in keeping with the times includes many features that have never appeared on any Blackberry phone in the past. It is important to mention that most of these new features are directed more toward the personal user than the business user, so depending on your specific needs, you want to read the phone specifications before you buy a Blackberry Bold. A few of the new features on the Blackberry Bold include upgraded email capabilities because of changes in screen size and resolution that allow you to read longer emails, better support for Microsoft Office that allows you to view documents almost exactly as they appear on your desktop and the inclusion of GPS. There are many more “firsts” in the Blackberry Bold, but it’s better for you to view them for yourself based on the needs of your company or you as an individual. Though the Blackberry was one of the first smartphones for business use, it has come a long way as you can see from the Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve, and now the Blackberry Bold. Although it is larger than previous models, the Blackberry Bold is still lightweight enough to carry without a problem. Though it is not available to all potential carriers yet, it should be available by the end of the year. Making the choice to upgrade to the Blackberry Bold will provide you with features you have never seen before on a Blackberry phone. Before you make up your mind about the new Blackberry Bold, you want to take time to read more than one Blackberry Bold review. This is more important if you have never used a Blackberry or are new to smartphones. If you read a Blackberry Bold review you will find out many of the great features that are part of this phone and the improvements that RIM has made over earlier Blackberry models. If you look for mobile phone deals, you will find a better price than if you go directly to the mobile phone store and buy what is there rather than wait for mobile phone deals. Although the Blackberry Bold is not yet available everywhere, you will soon see it in mobile phone stores everywhere. It’s a great phone to have if you do a lot of emailing or text message from your mobile phone since there is a full keyboard on the phone, a feature that used to be only on the Blackberry.