How To Get A Free BlackBerry Storm-VERY EASY!

Believe it or not, there are many websites that actually make you pay before they tell you  how to get a free BlackBerry Storm.  Yes it’s disturbing but this is life.

Here’s a little bit of information about the BlackBerry Storm (because I simply love this phone) and because it makes getting a free BlackBerry Storm much more outstanding.

Because of the Storm’s glossy touch-screen, many individuals like to compare it to the iPhone from Apple. However, these phones are entirely different.

The only similarities between the two that really stand out are:

1. Both phones come with black casing

2.  Both phones have touch-screen capabilities.

Regardless, there is much more to the BlackBerry Storm.  One example of a difference between the two is a soft keyboard on the BlackBerry Storm.

The BlackBerry Storm requires you to press down on the screen in order to choose an option or type. The screen gives slightly and the default sound of the press is a clicking sound.

Many of my co-workers like the feel of the phone because it is not like typing on a glass table (can you say…iPhone?) Also, some of the applications that I use with my, free BlackBerry Storm are listed below.


Viigo is an RSS reader. That means you have a shortcut to see all of the information you would like to see on your favorite sites in real-time anywhere and anytime.. It also lets you send Twitter updates right from RSS feeds that you want to let your Twitter buddy’s (or gals) know about.

Google Maps

A must for your free BlackBerry Storm. If you haven’t used Google Maps, you’re missing out! Google has a great map program to get you from point A to Point B anytime! It includes an update on the traffic surrounding you as well as satellite views of your location and others. I could write forever about Google maps.


This app will deactivate your screen when talking on the phone.  This is a great app for preventing any of those accidental hang-ups (like when your cheek presses against the phone. Or is that just me?)


Slacker Internet radio client for your BlackBerry Storm gives you more than 100 stations for free.


Poynt is a local search service: search for business, movie search, and a ‘map this search’ function.  This is the main 3 characteristics of this app. However, it is not limited to these 3 options.

All of this information is pointless unless you know how to get a free blackberry storm. . The information found here about the free BlackBerry Storm is greate. It requires you to enter a valid email address and complete a brief survey on the next page. It’s really that simple.

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  1. herman says:

    BlackBerry Storm is really a Smart Phone and its easy to use.

  2. Subandrio says:

    If possible i can get blackberry free, while I am located in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    If it can be to have a Blackberry HP I extend many thanks but if not maybe just forget my email


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