Free Blackberry Pearl Software Information

Did you know that the Internet offers you a plethora of games, themes and ringtones that allow you to customize your Blackberry Pearl cell phone into your own personal, perfect tool?  And best of all, you can get this Blackberry Pearl software for free!Some of the free Blackberry software applications available online are things like:


There are millions of websites willing to offer you some of these free software applications.   As with any application that is downloaded from the Internet, you have to be use caution and good judgement. Always remember this – as many people as there are that are willing to give you free, useful software there are an equal number if not more that  have no qualms about adding viruses and spyware to your computer and Blackberry.

Make sure that if you plan to download software for your Blackberry phone from the Internet, that you are using a PC or laptop that has virus or spyware protection.There are also anti-virus applications developed especially for the Blackberry, but not necessarily for free. According to some computer experts, the Blackberry cannot be infected by viruses.  However, it would be prudent to protect yourself whenever possible.Websites that allow you to get Blackberry Pearl software for free usually tell you exactly how to download and install the software. However, if they do not, there are forums, blogs, and other mobile phone sites that offer you the kind of help you need.

To install using desktop manager, just extract the downloaded files to a place you can easily remember (like your desktop) and then use the desktop manager’s installation wizard to do the rest.

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