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Blackberry Phones are Useful for Every Smart Business Users

Blackberry is a well-known name in the global telecommunications sector that was created by Research in Motion (RIM) a leading designer and seller of wireless solutions of Waterloo, in 1984. The Research in motion was the first wireless data technology developer in North America. BlackBerry is a wireless handheld gadget that was introduced in the year 1999 as a two-way pager. In 1999, the Blackberry wireless e-mail apparatus, the Blackberry 5790, was discovered along with the Blackberry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange. The brand has been around since 1999, but they really didn’t start gaining attraction until the early on 21st century. It was in 2002 when Blackberry introduced its high ended device that supports mobile telephone, text messaging, push e-mail, web browsing, internet faxing and other wireless information services along with a multi touch interface. Blackberry phones has expanded its network coverage from GSM to CDMA and the 7000 series of Blackberry brought the first color LCD screens that were manufactured to enlarge from the enterprise customer to a broader consumer market. The popular 7000 series of Blackberry includes the 7270 Wi-Fi and 7290 Bluetooth mobile phones. The Blackberry devices are useful for business users as well as other because of its business oriented features including internet access, email services complete with attachments, PDA and many more that can use on the move. In November 2004 alone Blackberry has announced its two million mobile subscribers Worldwide. Currently RIM offers BlackBerry e-mail services to its mobile users through the BlackBerry Connect software to non-BlackBerry devices, such as the Palm Treo. The Blackberry Curve 8900, 8300 and Blackberry 8820 are some latest GSM Blackberry phones that includes the features such as includes an Intel PXA901 312 MHz processor, SDRAM and 64 MB flash memory on board. The latest Blackberry phones provide platforms to time-sensitive information, including email, SMS messaging, Internet and intranet-based applications. BlackBerry is truly a wondrous thing that includes the features beyond the ordinary phones. The Blackberry Pearl, Blackberry Curve and the Blackberry Bold are some latest models by Blackberry that includes the high resolution Camera and Music player. The Blackberry 9530 that is also known as the Blackberry Storm belongs to the 9000 series comes with a touch screen interface and no keyboard. Blackberry is one of the leading names in mobile world that continues to grow and improve the Blackberry brand with latest technology.

How to Convert DVD and Video to Blackberry Storm

First, you should know what video format is BlackBerry Storm supports.

Because DVD has CSS copyright protection, we need a program to rip DVD and convert video for BlackBerry Storm. The tool we use is BlackBerry Converter Suite, it includes two programs: DVD to BlackBerry Storm Converter and BlackBerry Storm Video Converter. This program not only supports BlackBerry Storm, but also BlackBerry Curve, BlackBerry Pearl and BlackBerry Bold series.

It supports audio and video format as follow:Video: DVD, ISO, AVI, MPEG, MKV, MP4, MP4-AVC, M4V, WMV, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, MPG, FLV, ASF, VOBAudio: WMA, M4A, MP3, AAC, AC3, WMAFor more info about this BlackBerry Converter Suite, you can refer to here.And here is the free download link, about 10.9 MB.

Now, let’s start the guide about converting DVD and Video to BlackBerry Storm.Step1, Download and install the BlackBerry Storm converter, and then run it.

Step2. Load DVD into the software by clicking “Add DVD file”. Here we can load three kinds of DVD’s: 1. Real DVD, just put the DVD in your DVD drive and click load DVD, (you can find it by clicking the triangle on the right of ‘load file’ button.)2. DVD ISO image, you can amount your ISO files in the daemon tools and then load the virtual DVD drive. 3. A DVD folder, sometimes you may store the DVD folder in your hard drive, it appears like “Video_TS” “Audio_TS” folders. You can load it by clicking the “load DVD folders” button.

Step3. Select Profile, Subtitle, Audio, output directory settingAfter you load DVD into the software, click the Profile drop-down list to select the proper format according to your BlackBerry Type, this guide is mainly about how to convert DVD and video to BlackBerry Storm, so we select the “BlackBerry Storm series(*.mp4)” profile. 

Regular DVD movies usually have several subtitles such as English, French, German, etc. You can select one you prefer. You can also delete the subtitle by selecting “No Subtitle”. Selecting Audio is the same. If you want to join all your DVD files into one video file, please select the option named “Merge into one file”. For more advanced setting, you can open the setting panel by clicking “Setting”.

Step4. Start the conversionAfter all things done, you can click the “Start” to begin the conversion; it will take about 30 minutes for converting a regular two hours DVD movie. When the conversion finished, click “find target” to located the converted video on your computer, connect your BlackBerry Storm to computer, and then copy the video to your BlackBerry memory card, that’s all. Then you can enjoy your favorites DVD movies on your BlackBerry Storm.

For converting video to BlackBerry Storm, you can click “Video to BlackBerry” to run the BlackBerry Movie Converter, the operation steps are similar to DVD to BlackBerry Converter, So I’m not repeat here. But I want to add some tips to the BlackBerry Movie Converter.

1. The Video to BlackBerry Converter supports batch conversion, so you can add multiple video files at one time.

2. The Video to BlackBerry Converter embeds powerful video editing functions, you can use it to cut video, trim video, crop video, and you can even add a watermark to the video.

3. The Video to BlackBerry Converter can also help you convert video file to MP3, WMA, AAC, etc audio, so you can set it as your BlackBerry ringtone.

Verizon Blackberry Storm: Answers to Your Top 9 Storm Faqs

The new Verizon BlackBerry Storm cell phone is the first BlackBerry phone with a touch-screen.  This hot smartphone is sure to be on top of everyone’s Christmas list this year.  Here are  the answers to nine of your most frequently asked questions about the Verizon BlackBerry Storm.1.  When Is The BlackBerry Storm 9530 Release Date? The release of BlackBerry Storm is scheduled for Friday, November 21st.2.  How Much Is Verizon Selling The BlackBerry Storm For? The estimated price of the BlackBerry Storm is $199.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate, through Verizon Wireless.  Verizon customers must sign a new two year agreement plan to get the rebate.3.  BlackBerry Storm Availability – Where Can I Buy BlackBerry Storm? The Verizon BlackBerry Storm will be available in Verizon Wireless Communications Stores and online at Verizon Wireless dot com. The BlackBerry Storm will also be available at Best Buy.  However, Best Buy will not begin to sell the BlackBerry Storm until Sunday, November 23rd.  If you are willing to wait the two extra days, Best Buy is planning to give BlackBerry Storm buyers a free Plantronic 360 BT headset!  However, the phone must be a new activation and not just a simple upgrade.  Unfortunately, at this time, the phone is backordered at Best Buy.4.  Where Can I Find A Verzion BlackBerry Storm User Guide? The Verizon BlackBerry Storm has an innovative, interactive online user guide that includes fully illustrative step-by-step usage instructions! You can find the BlackBerry Storm user guide at the BlackBerry website at demos.blackberry dot com. 5.  Can I Preorder Verizon BlackBerry Storm? Yes. You can pre-order the new BlackBerry Storm at your local Best Buy store.6.  Can I Purchase An Unlocked BlackBerry Storm? Yes, but you’ll have to pay a premium.  Estimates for an unlocked version of the BlackBerry Storm are around $699.99.  Why should you buy an unlocked version and pay extra?  Both the locked and unlocked BlackBerry storm have the same specifications.  If you don’t want to be locked into a contract or aren’t planning on making many calls, go with the locked version.7.  What are the BlackBerry Storm Specifications?

8.  BlackBerry Storm Vs Iphone  – How Does It Compare?

9.  BlackBerry Storm Vs Bold – How Does It Compare? The BlackBerry Storm has the following advantages over the BlackBerry Bold: