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Information about Blackberry Application Development

Today Blackberry is very popular as business phone. Even when you see Advertisement of Vodafone then you find that Blackberry also use full for simple man. Generally, Blackberry is one of the famous Smartphone today for business professional. There are many creative features are available in blackberry, which is related to any business like address book, calendar and to-do list capabilities and also email accessing. When blackberry is launched its primary function is just for send and receive internet email through internet and wifi networks While today blackberry also useful for as entertainer like playing music see video ect.. Research In Motion (RIM) is introduced Blackberry in 1996. Today RIM is the leading designer and manufacturers of the mobile communication market.

Blackberry Application Development Today more new Smartphones comes in the market with creative feature and application. But its not necessary then all phone comes with your desired application as per your requirement. RIM introduces and launched many tools and frameworks or methods for creating new application on your Blackberry phone. The blackberry mobile os supported to Java MIDP 1.0 and WAP 1.2 For blackberry application development some tools and frameworks required or installed in your computer like

J2ME is the best option for black berry application development. Java developers can easily develop blackberry applications using J2ME sdk. RIM launched its own Blackberry Java Development Environment (JDE) for blackberry application development, which contains set of tools, and API for run java application on your Blackberry. Eclipse is the widely popular for develop, debug, profile, and test your browser-based blackberry applications. You can use the blackberry simulator for test your java application on your Blackberry.

Today on internet many simulators available for testing Blackberry applications. However, remember this simulator is different for each blackberry versions. RIM had launched BlackBerry Email and MDS Services Simulator Package especially for the developers. To install simulator you pc must have Microsoft Vista or Window XP, Intel Pentium 3 or its higher processor, minimum 256 mb RAM 500 MB hard disk etc. If you have good grip or sound knowledge of java then you can easily create any Blackberry application using above tools and frameworks

Quick Ways To Detect & Remove Blackberry Spyware

BlackBerry spyware is becoming an ever increasing problem. People reporting that their BlackBerry has spyware on it have skyrocked over the last year.

If you feel someone might have installed BlackBerry spyware on your BlackBerry cell phone, here are a few tips on how to identify it, and then how to remove any BlackBerry spy app from your phone.


Tip #1) Have you recently let your BlackBerry out of your sight? It only takes a few minutes to install BlackBerry spyware.  If you’ve recently let someone borrow your phone to make a quick call or download a game, then they could have actually installed a BlackBerry spy app.

Tip #2) Is your cell phone bill’s data fee higher than normal? In order to transmit the logs that are recorded on your BlackBerry, the BlackBerry spy app needs to use your data connection (GPRS, 3G, etc) in order to upload the logs to a  remote server.  If you notice that your data usage fee and traffic are higher than usual, this is a sure sign you might have a BlackBerry spy app on your phone.

Tip #3) Is that an echo? There are a few BlackBerry spy apps that gives someone the ability to “tap” your live calls. When your call is tapped, sometimes you will be able to hear a slight echo or even a “click” that in most cases you might ignore.  Sometimes its hard to distinguish this from general network or phone issues, but if you start to hear it more often than you perhaps did in the past, this could be a definite sign you have a BlackBerry spy app installed on your phone.

If some (or all) of these warning signs sound familiar to you, then I HIGHLY RECOMMEND taking action on either of the BlackBerry spy app removal tips below.


1) Take your BlackBerry to your service center & wipe your phone clean. The best way to eradicate your BlackBerry from spyware, is to take the BlackBerry to your service provider and tell them you suspect someone has installed a BlackBerry spy app, so you want them to reinstall the OS.  By doing this, any spy app on your BlackBerry will be completely wiped from your phone.

2) Take matter into your own hands and remove it yourself. It’s not hard. You can easily remove the BlackBerry spy app yourself by downloading a FREE application called KISSES.  This BlackBerry app will do a quick scan to verify that you indeed have a BlackBerry spy app on your phone, then will proceed to remove it. For more information and to download this app, CLICK HERE.

Remember, it only takes a few minutes to get a BlackBerry spyware on your phone.   If you think there is even the slightest chance someone has installed a spy app on your BlackBerry, don’t wait to get it removed.

Blackberry Bold is Orange Network Exclusive – Blackberry 9000 Bold

The much anticipated launch of the most sophisticated Blackberry mobile phone to date has finally arrived, and although there has been much excitement surrounding this new model the fact that it has been released as a network exlcusive has put a small dampener on the celebrations.

The new Blackberry Bold has been exclusively released on the Orange network in the UK, this means that for a limited time consumers will only be able to purchase the phone with an Orange contract deal. This leaves the consumer with only being able to choose from Oranges range of tariffs rather than being able to compare with other network operators.

Blackberry Bold 9000, also referred to as the Blackberry Bold, offers all of the best quality features of a Blackberry Messaging smartphone plus extras. Complete with a large TFT display and handwriting recognition, full Qwerty keybroad and trackball navigation, the Blackberry Bold 9000 is packed with features.

Powered by a 624Mhz processor and running Blackberry’s own operating system, the Blackberry Bold offers a 1GB internal memory capacity with the option to expand to as much as 8GB using the memory card slot that will recognise and support both microSD and microSDHC cards.

A quad band GSM device with GPRS and EDGE technology, the Blackberry Bold 9000 includes 3G connectivity and WiFi capabilities. Bluetooth wireless with A2DP stereo support is also present as is a USB port, handy for straightforward PC to phone synchronisation.

Offering a complete messaging solution that everything from Email to Instant Messaging, the Blackberry Bold 9000 also has a built-in GPS Receiver with the all important Blackberry Maps preloaded and a whole host of multimedia features that include a 2 mega pixel camera, media player and video player.

Primarily a business device the Blackberry Bold 9000 wouldn’t be complete without the traditional PIM functionality, organiser, phonebook, document viewer and editor or voice dial and built-in handsfree.

All of which the Blackberry Bold has!

Further networks will be picking up the Blackberry Bold in the near future so if consumers do not want ot connect to Orange they can wait for the full release of the phone onto other networks, in the meantime the Blackberry 9000 Bold is firmly sat in the Orange court.