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Mobile Internet How It’s Progressing

Ever since the Nokia 8000 communicator came out in the late 1990s, the lines between the mobile phone and the internet enabled PDA have become increasingly blurred, and now with WAP, GPRS and 3G all offering users internet access through their mobile phone, the web is increasingly being opened up to more avenues, and becoming a much more important aspect of what is possible with a mobile phone.

Mobile Internet has grown enormously around the world, and in many countries, more people access the web through their phone than they do by using a computer, and this is due to the comparatively low cost of doing so. You do not need any specialist or expensive equipment, and simply access the Internet through your existing connection.

Although in the past, many operators charged high rates for web and data calls, prices are now much lower, and operators such as T-Mobile now include Web and Walk as a standard part of most of their packages.

Thanks to the larger screens on today’s mobile phones, the lines between what is possible to access, and what is not is increasingly beginning to blur, and you can now visit almost any website on the latest handsets. With standards available about how information should be displayed in order to be accessible on a mobile phone as well as on a computer, you can now see the images and layouts of the site, rather than just text.

One of the best things about the mobile internet is that it is possible for services to be tailored to the user on a local level, meaning that you can access high quality information about the area where you are standing, so for finding restaurants and cinema times, the mobile internet is ideal.

Another great thing about the latest generation of handsets like the Nokia N95 is that by use of integrated GPS, you can access mapping information and find your way. With 3G handsets from the Three Network, you can now access many regular services through your phone including being able to bid on eBay, access your email account, and even make calls using VOIP!

Thanks to larger screens, and an increasing willingness for webmasters to make their content available in a wide range of formats so it can be accessed by Mobile Phone users, the mobile internet has never been better, or the world of information available online been so accessible.

Is the Mobile-internet Safe?

The mobile internet through SIM card is as safe as the normal internet connection through cable.

We can hear many stories about the danger of the internet mainly if we use Wi-Fi. Others can brake into our PC and can steal our data. On this way professionals think using the mobile internet it is much safer when we use normal internet. At the same time any kind of internet we use, we have to be careful because of the information security, and have to follow the next rules:

5 rules in case of the safety internet using:

1. Never send your bank and credit card number in e-mail or in other forms (MSN, Skype, etc..) These chatting programs are the most dangerous because the information is going without any encryption and anybody can get them easily.

2. Never sign in to your personal platforms (e-mail, bank account, etc..) from other’s PC. Maybe the computer will remember your password and others will be able to sign in with your user name. You can never be sure that your password is not stolen.

3. Always refresh your firewall on your PC and on your mobile phone too. You can encumber that other programs would come to your appliances. Namely these programs can cause data losing. Do not open unknown program whoever the sender is.

4. Turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth on your laptop or mobile phone if you do not use it.

5. If we do not use mobile internet but we use wireless –and the connection is not branded- make sure whose it is. If you do not know, jump to the point number 2.

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Wireless Internet Access Through Mobile Internet Service

Mobile Internet: Mobile Internet is about connecting to the Internet with mobile devices like cellphones, PDAs, game consoles, laptops and other portables. Which means that you get to stay connected wherever you are and even on the move; you don’t have to be near a Wi-Fi spot to be able to access the Internet. This has come about as a boon for everyone from backpackers and businessmen to commuters and curmudgeons. If you want to blog about your travels, you don’t have to clamber down the steep hill you’ve just hiked up, you can simply write your blog using your mobile phone. If you want to conduct a business transaction or check the stock market, you can do it on your cellphone, your PDA or your laptop. You can also make plane, train, car or hotel reservations, or search for directions on interactive maps if you happen to lose your way. You can email or chat with your family and friends on the go. You can stop grumbling about being ‘stuck’ in the office or the classroom or your home and go do your work in your favorite coffeehouse or park. So in a sense, Mobile Internet can lighten up your life, if you will let it, that is and don’t ponder too much about the dark aspects of staying perpetually connected. Accessing the Internet over the cellphone or a PDA is not going to be the same experience as surfing the net on your regular computer. Some of the drawbacks of Mobile Internet are as follows – The screen display sizes of cellphones and PDAs are very small and it can be problematic viewing text and graphics meant for standard computer screens. In this regard, PDAs are a better bet than cellphones, and laptops, of course, don’t face this issue.You can’t view regular web pages in the format they are meant to be viewed.You can view only one window at a time on cellphones and PDAs and scroll just up and down.You may find it troublesome or impossible to view PDFs, Flash sites and video sites.Typing out large entries using small keypads is an inconvenient process. Getting keyboards that fold open may be helpful here. But then again there may be a character limit on the messages you can send.The Mobile Internet connection may be very slow.Mobile Internet Service: The standards for mobile Internet service are – WAP: WAP is short for Wireless Access Protocol. WAP enables Internet access through your mobile devices and makes it possible to use interactive data applications on them. So its a breeze to check cricket scores, browse the news, download music and see what’s happening on the stock market. I-Mod: i-Mod is a wireless data protocol system from Japan that is slowly and steadily becoming a good competition for WAP. Mobile Service Providers provide access over the following wireless networks – GSM: GSM is an acronym for Global System for Mobile communication. GSM technology compresses information and transfers it through a single channel. Users of GSM can use the mobile data service GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) for WAP access, SMS, MMS, email and surfing. CDMA: CDMA stands for Code Division Multiple Access. With CDMA technology, information is transferred through different channels not just one like with GSM. EDGE: EDGE stands for Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution. It is also known as Enhanced GPRS or EGPRS. EDGE has better data transmission rates than GPRS and the data transmission reliability is higher too. This is a better choice for multimedia applications. Mobile Internet Access: The usability and interoperability issues with Mobile Internet are likely to get ironed out over the next few years and perhaps all devices, whether fixed or mobile, will operate on wireless IP technologies. This might play a big role in narrowing the digital divide. Cellphones, after all, are much less expensive than PCs – or, for that matter, than PDAs and laptops – and nowadays have become a must-have accessory with a growing percentage of the world’s population. Getting connected to the Internet can be the key to more and better educational and business opportunities, aside from the just better social interaction factor.

Mobile Internet for Your Vehicle

So, you just finished watching MTV’s “Pimp Your Ride” and you need to add a little something different to make your car stand out from the crowd. What can you do? How about adding Mobile Internet to your vehicle. It is not as hard or expensive as you might think.Here is what is needed:Mobile Router:This is similar to a typical home router with one exception. It uses a Sprint Mobile Broadband Card to provide the internet, allowing you to use it anywhere, even in motion! It converts a Mobile Broadband Card into a Wi-Fi signal that up to 5 laptops can use at the same time. One of the best options for this would be the Kyocera KR1 Mobile Router. Why? It is the least expensive mobile router on the market at well under $200. Secondly, unlike most other mobile routers it comes standard with a Car Charger. Just plug it into the cigarette lighter and the unit is now powered up and ready to surf the internet, even while driving down the road at 75 MPH. Of course, that would be for the passengers to enjoy, not the driver!Mobile Broadband Service:This is the increasingly popular Mobile Internet service that Sprint, Verizon and others are now selling. For just $59.99 a month, Sprint offers unlimited internet access anywhere in the USA. For the same price, Verizon offers up to 5GB a month. These services can be used directly in a laptop for one user, or in this case, directly into the Mobile Router so that multiple users can tap into the same card at the same time.Laptop:This one is quite obvious, but there are two ways to connect the laptop to the Mobile Router. One is with an Ethernet cable, as the KR1 has 4 Ethernet ports in the back. The second and easier way would be to just connect through wi-fi. As long as the laptop has built-in wireless, as all newer laptops do, the laptop will find the wi-fi signal the Mobile Router is producing.Extras:If extra range is needed on your Mobile Internet set-up, or if the vehicle is often in remote areas there are two products that can greatly increase your performance. The first is an external Antenna. All the current Mobile Broadband Cards have ports to attach these antennas, enabling a more powerful antenna to boost the signal and thus the performance of the card. Amplifiers are even more beneficial. These devices add up to 3 watts of power to the Antenna, which can turn a very weak signal into an average or even strong signal. Not only will these add-ons help your performance, but they will add a bit of the “WOW” factor when people are admiring your unique vehicle.