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lamido-lazada-yunan.or.idSalah satu lembaga riset yang terpecaya yakni ICD Research mengeluarkan prediksi bahwa pada tahun 2012 hingga 2015 pertumbuhan industry e-commerce Indonesia akan tumbuh sebesar 42%. Angka ini adalah terbesar di Negara ASEAN bahkan dunia. Bandingkan dengan Filipina yang mengalami pertumbuhan sebesar 28%, Thailand 22% atau Malaysia yang hanya mengalami pertumbuhan sebesar 14%.

Industry e-commerce yang pesat ini didukung oleh besarnya pengguna internet Indonesia yang mencapai 30% dari total penduduk atau sebesar 82 juta jiwa. Dikutip dari Mekominfo yang menyatakan bahwa nilai transaksi e-commerce di Indonesia mencapai Rp. 130 triliun. Padahal baru sekitar 7% dari pengguna internet yang mengakses dan melakukan transaksi di e-commerce. Jumlah ini akan terus meningkat bertambah tingkat kepercayaan konsumen akan e-commerce terus meningkat, pertumbuhan penggguna smartphone yang fantastis, penetrasi internet hingga tingginya penggunaan kartu debit dan kredit. ... 

Mobile Internet – Everything You Need To Know

Mobile Internet, or mobile web for some, is a browser-based web service that allows users to access the Internet through the use of a mobile phone, personal digital assistant (PDA) or any portable gadget that is connected to a public network. The said access does not require the use of a personal desktop computer and landline usage or a laptop and Wi-Fi service for it to function.This is first used in mid-1990s using the Nokia 9000 Communicator. Back then, the Communicator is able to surf the real Internet. This means that what you see on the Communicator is the same one that you can see when you use your desktop computer. For the mobile-specific browsing mobile web service, it was launched by 1999 in Japan. This was the first commercial launch for the service.Since its launch, the mobile Internet has given a few advantages for the user. One of which is the accessibility of the Internet. One only needs a mobile phone or PDA to access the Internet. Today, there have been lots of web sites available for mobile browsing. It not only is handy but it is also very convenient. It is an Internet on the go.There are also a few disadvantages to this. One is its screen size. Since it is only a cellular phone, the size of screen is only as big and some of the text will not fit on the screen. You have to move the scroll bars from right to left to able to read or view the rest of the page. The lack of windows is also a problem. Mobile phones do not allow multiple windows for browsing unlike the normal computers.Since the launching of the Communicator, there have been a lot of improvements made in the mobile Internet. Today, it is one of the technologies that have provided full Internet access while on the go.

Greece: Cheep 3G Mobile Internet access via pay-as-you-go

In recent your Greece has invested heavily in Mobile technology. Cosmote, Vodafone GR and Wind GR are the main companies that provide mobile Internet access on the move. There are however restrictions with Cosmote and Vodafone in the form of contract agreements that are goverened with an additional restriction of having to provide a Greek Tax code before you can use their service. The exception is Wind.

‘Wind’ is an Athens based mobile telephony company that invested 88 million euros into its start-up business and is predicted as becoming the main mobile Internet provider in Greece (Reuters)  ...  Baca Selengkapnya

Mobile Internet How It’s Progressing

Ever since the Nokia 8000 communicator came out in the late 1990s, the lines between the mobile phone and the internet enabled PDA have become increasingly blurred, and now with WAP, GPRS and 3G all offering users internet access through their mobile phone, the web is increasingly being opened up to more avenues, and becoming a much more important aspect of what is possible with a mobile phone.

Mobile Internet has grown enormously around the world, and in many countries, more people access the web through their phone than they do by using a computer, and this is due to the comparatively low cost of doing so. You do not need any specialist or expensive equipment, and simply access the Internet through your existing connection. ...  Baca Selengkapnya

Is the Mobile-internet Safe?

The mobile internet through SIM card is as safe as the normal internet connection through cable.

We can hear many stories about the danger of the internet mainly if we use Wi-Fi. Others can brake into our PC and can steal our data. On this way professionals think using the mobile internet it is much safer when we use normal internet. At the same time any kind of internet we use, we have to be careful because of the information security, and have to follow the next rules: ...  Baca Selengkapnya