Is the Mobile-internet Safe?

The mobile internet through SIM card is as safe as the normal internet connection through cable.

We can hear many stories about the danger of the internet mainly if we use Wi-Fi. Others can brake into our PC and can steal our data. On this way professionals think using the mobile internet it is much safer when we use normal internet. At the same time any kind of internet we use, we have to be careful because of the information security, and have to follow the next rules:

5 rules in case of the safety internet using:

1. Never send your bank and credit card number in e-mail or in other forms (MSN, Skype, etc..) These chatting programs are the most dangerous because the information is going without any encryption and anybody can get them easily.

2. Never sign in to your personal platforms (e-mail, bank account, etc..) from other’s PC. Maybe the computer will remember your password and others will be able to sign in with your user name. You can never be sure that your password is not stolen.

3. Always refresh your firewall on your PC and on your mobile phone too. You can encumber that other programs would come to your appliances. Namely these programs can cause data losing. Do not open unknown program whoever the sender is.

4. Turn off the Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth on your laptop or mobile phone if you do not use it.

5. If we do not use mobile internet but we use wireless –and the connection is not branded- make sure whose it is. If you do not know, jump to the point number 2.

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